Oct 16, 2008

Journ the Human Union

Worldwide Human Union;
seeking for off-sets and accounting
errs in past-politicos bedroom closets

Everyone can journ the Human Union, digital
0/1 internet chirps and surprise the old
ca-hoons and dino-gangsters with high-dias
and infinite soluables.

Human Union unites Mr. and Missus, and
looks after all street kidz wanting homeful.

Human Union releases holy convicts and
sends them to college, three strikes and you're in.

www.dontwearneckties, they cut your
circulation, no bras for boobs, and hard-shoes
squeek the feet
[human union article three]

Human Union plots peaceful ambush, hide in
the hills and wait for the psionic boom.

Human Union supports all that is moonful,
reveals noon-secrets and resets the codes.

Journ the Human Union, developed by kQQl
kids worldwide and supported by Nay-cha

*Read below in small print:

*[if ur interested in joining the Human Union,
you've come to the right place]

©Rome Viharo 2008

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