Jan 15, 2009

Some scientists still having problems framing consciousness.

I stumbled upon this article today in Scientific American regarding the study of consciousness and the behaviors of bees. I note that in the article the author completely avoids, or is unable to frame, consciousness as experience, rather as material impulse, or as he puts it 'conscious sensations'.

We take the magical gift of consciousness for granted. From the time I awaken until I fall into a deep, dreamless sleep, I am flooded with conscious sensations. And contrary to assertions made by philosophers, novelists and other literati, by and large this stream of consciousness does not relate to quiet self-reflection and introspective thoughts. No, most of it is filled with raw sensations.

I just find this interesting from a perspective of the dialectic. The author keeps referring to consciousness as something that is happening to either him or another agent or entity, not the thing which is recieving the sensations of biological reality.

I am going to be writing about this more, for I find this very revealing when deconstructed inside of 0, 1, and2. I find that almost all scientific language regarding consciousness is unable to frame it as simple experience.

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Dec 4, 2008

Progress: The Historical Dialectical Process has updated the US Policy on War for a 'New Age'

Robert Gates drafted and outlined his agenda and philosophy for the Pentagon in the new Obama Administration in the forth coming January/Feb 09 edition of Foreign Affairs called "A Balanced Strategy: Reprogramming the Pentagon for the New Age".
Although we have not yet reached a declaration of win win foreign policy, we do see plenty of progress.  
What is dubbed the war on terror is, in grim reality, a prolonged, worldwide irregular campaign -- a struggle between the forces of violent extremism and those of moderation. Direct military force will continue to play a role in the long-term effort against terrorists and other extremists. But over the long term, the United States cannot kill or capture its way to victory. Where possible, what the military calls kinetic operations should be subordinated to measures aimed at promoting better governance, economic programs that spur development, and efforts to address the grievances among the discontented, from whom the terrorists recruit. It will take the patient accumulation of quiet successes over a long time to discredit and defeat extremist movements and their ideologies.

As secretary of defense, I have repeatedly made the argument in favor of institutionalizing counterinsurgency skills and the ability to conduct stability and support operations. I have done so not because I fail to appreciate the importance of maintaining the United States' current advantage in conventional war fighting but rather because conventional and strategic force modernization programs are already strongly supported in the services, in Congress, and by the defense industry. The base budget for fiscal year 2009, for example, contains more than $180 billion for procurement, research, and development, the overwhelming preponderance of which is for conventional systems.

I have learned many things in my 42 years of service in the national security arena. Two of the most important are an appreciation of limits and a sense of humility. The United States is the strongest and greatest nation on earth, but there are still limits on what it can do. The power and global reach of its military have been an indispensable contributor to world peace and must remain so. But not every outrage, every act of aggression, or every crisis can or should elicit a U.S. military response.

War is inevitably tragic, inefficient, and uncertain, and it is important to be skeptical of systems analyses, computer models, game theories, or doctrines that suggest otherwise. We should look askance at idealistic, triumphalist, or ethnocentric notions of future conflict that aspire to transcend the immutable principles and ugly realities of war, that imagine it is possible to cow, shock, or awe an enemy into submission, instead of tracking enemies down hilltop by hilltop, house by house, block by bloody block. As General William Tecumseh Sherman said, "Every attempt to make war easy and safe will result in humiliation and disaster."

Nov 30, 2008

Ocean currents can power the world.

A revolutionary device that can obtain energy from slow moving waves in the ocean has been developed and could potentially be used to power the entire world. Bucky would be proud. Link

Oct 21, 2008

World Peace for Hookers and Players. The Natural Dialectic of Win Win

Surely the intention to win plays a role in nature. We see two male bulls fight for dominance, we see both males and females compete for mating choices. Every point of view in nature wants and needs to win in the game of life. We can all agree and see that we all want to win, and no matter the ideology which inflicts anyone, no matter how sophisticated or crude, the individual's desire to win and attain is mutually shared amongst all of us from entrepreneur to gangster, to banker to political crook. Yes, even us bloggers want to win a higher Google ranking.

There appears to be three basic winning 'scripts' that encompass the perception and strategy in full.

1.)I want to win - you will lose. The Emperor Complex.

2.)I will lose so that you can win. The Messiah Complex.

3.)We can both win/attain this together. The rational alternative.

'Winning' can be understood as an historically functioning desire and uber design in human nature/society, as Princeton Scholar, Science and Philosophy Journalist and bloggingheads.tv founder Robert Wright points out in his book; Non Zero, the Logic of Human Destiny. link.

Natural selection, evolutionary psychology and intelligent strategy can be potentially understood as two polarized and coupled distinctions of 'winning' that we seem to seek/desire as players in the game of life. A dialectic if you will.

Both are grounded in our direct experience as human beings engaged in the human hiSTORY.

One can be chosen by chance or fate to win, as if one can win the lottery, or born beautiful into a wealthy and famous lifestyle like Paris Hilton.

The other can be determined by ourselves as individuals. Michael Phelps is now the biggest Olympic winner in history. He did that, he made that happen through self determination.

Both Paris Hilton and Michael Phelps, in a material/superficial but easy to understand sense, can both be said to be 'winning' yet the road to their win is completely distinguished by what I refer to as the ‘Chosen One’ and the ‘Victorious One’ strategy, or the two distinctions of the dialectic of winning.

Obviously, The ‘Chosen One’ winning experience is the type of satisfaction that we have when we are deemed appropriate for a certain game, function, prize, or task. Fate or chance chooses/picks us! We love being the chosen. We want to be chosen. Many are called but few are chosen. We all hear about the ‘elite’ and certainly want to get in at those parties.

The next distinction, ‘The Victorious One’, is clearly the type of winning we seek when we have obstacles to over come on our road to success. We win only when we overcome those obstacles and achieve our ideals. Intention. The victorious WILL. Attainment. Accomplishment. The realization of ideals worked and fought for. No one chose this path for us, we created it for ourselves. Friggin' Rocky Balboa.

Consider; Human fighting may be the game of winning to be the victorious one, and mating may be the game of winning the chosen one. Notice the dialectic here? The complete opposition in points of view? These distinctive qualities of this dialectical game and strategy may quietly organize, and most certainly influence, all of human civilization.

The Secret Chief of human society may be nothing more than The Mating Game.

Getting back to the most foundational basics for survival. We literally viral market our DNA into the future via the mating game. As we can see, no mating would equal no people, therefore, this strategy is clearly the most effective of all, there always seems to be more and more of us. The sexual and mating game of life divides, adds, and multiplies the herd and then organizes, distinguishes between male and female, and all the possible roles and adaptions form from there.

Consider that this successful strategy utilized by nature is an organizing principle that has exalted into an ‘all sides win’ synergy that has evolved into perfect and precise application and function in human being's social order as Romantic Games between intelligent and humorous adults seeking thrill, survival, and adaptation in the game of life.

Step one in the game; two partners have ‘chosen’ each other.

This process may be different for distinct cultures, but the main process I am referring to here has existed in every culture. A man and a women desire each other and then mate, sometimes like rabbits.

We don’t have to be aware that nature is using this very 'administrative' process to move the species forward for a woman to get pregnant when she mates with a man. Indeed, according to our anthropologists, there was a time in human history when man and woman did not know that sex equaled baby. Some of us still may not quite get that.

Just because our genes want to make little duplications does not mean we experience a laboratory reality when we kiss on the first encounter or spoon up for an early morning snog. What we experience is quit different and more direct to our individual and cellular needs.

To wit; Human Being wants to mate for the winning experience it brings, not necessarily the little package that comes with it. One could immediately argue that this is the first observable win win non zero sum game between our 'genes' and our sentience or experience in being.

What happens that we can observe at the moment of conception? A beautiful and natural dialectic.

The sperm's strategy is ALL FOR ONE. The egg's strategy is ONE FOR ALL.

At the moment of male ejaculation, the entire gaming principles of nature begins orchestration in perfect and beautiful concert, the millions of sperm cells joyously released into the womb of the wanting female.

Talk about mission impossible. The sperm cells must take on the most perilous of journeys, they must fight upstream, bend through twists and turns, avoiding chemical attacks, killer cells, dodge the ‘fighting’ sperm cells that band in packs and vicious gangs. If anyone has ever seen any footage of this process, they can see that it is a wonder how any woman could get pregnant at all.

The small collection of ‘victorious sperm’, out of the 4 million, have won the journey to the inner secret chamber. Our little Indiana Joneses have just barely made it through the Temple of Doom.

They finally collect around the beautiful and luscious egg invoking relative to us as the most incredible desire imaginable beholden on a single object. Talk about the search for the Holy Grail, the egg is something indeed that many where called for but few were chosen.

The luscious vibrating egg collects her victorious ones around her. All the fighting, conflict and struggle of sperm VS sperm on the road to her riches, all the fighting to deliver to the female the best set of genes, the *best idea* for the future species, are rendered irrelevant at the whims of the egg.

The egg tends to choose one single solitary sperm out of the frantic crowd that surrounds her luscious walls like the outside line at Studio 54 in 1976.

It is the female egg’s 'wisdom' that chooses in this process. Women’s natural right of choice. Feminine 'wisdom' choosing the best course of evolution, the best idea for future species. And she gets to choose from a refined selection of the best ideas that the male collects and fights to bring to her.

We can see in nature how males fight to deliver to the female the best, most effective functioning genetic idea for future species.

King against King, two ideas 'fighting' to refine the truth, the individual and the society is a foundation of nature that she seduces us all into playing, before we were even born we were playing it.

Conflict and winning keeps the species moving forward. Nature may have designed human being to want to win, and want to win big.

Humanity has now discovered nature's principles of synergy, the non zero sum win win road of evolutionary success, and our individual intention and experience of winning has everything to do with it.

We all want to win or attain something, right? Michael Phelps may want to win and win big - even the solitary, humble, and non ego event driven monk wants to attain peace and transcendence. We can define win however we want but we all have intention and a will to attain that intention.

Let's embrace the win win game to survival and success as a rational strategy.

In society or the societal conflict of idea, we expect to have our idea about winning challenged by our opponents so our idea of winning is the most expansive and rational, honest one for any and all, individually and collectively.

Winning is nature’s seduction, and win/win is humanity’s rational and logical complement, the only successful way we can administer ourselves effectively and efficiently.

Win/win is nature’s synergy, and she want us to play - she may be leaving clues for us everywhere.

Win/win is the only effective way that we can survive as a species, create opportunity, solve problems, and mate and partner up.

It is easy to see that the game performed between the sexes is based on win/win experience of sexual and sensual pleasure, and all sexuality is best expressed when both partners are giving and receiving the coveted and desired shared experience of mysterious erotic experience that administers all life.

Win/win is the funniest, sexiest, most effective, rational, inspired, holiest, strongest, most opportune way to live life.

Human Being's success as a reproductive species is our proof!

Can humanity discover this natural administrative synergy on non zero sum and zero sum and apply it to create Win Win Foreign Policy instead of the failing and misery producing 'War on Terrorism'?

The war on terrorism will consistently increase terrorist acts around the world like mating will consistently increase babies. The world body is engaged in a simple conflict of idea with political forces, and instead of focusing on the ideas in conflict, they are increasing the problem, spreading the false and misleading win/lose meme of physical warfare as a solution to the complexity of human being social administration.

Due to online communication, our natural dialectic has changed, and potentially we can structure the conflict of idea into a win win game of mutual learning and success. We can do this because we don't have to know each other or even face each other to exchange radically different points of view. We can work out our differences in a more rational environment for discussion, which is what the Internet provides us. Wikipedia gives us a preview of this process as Jewcy.com pointed out a few years ago with their article on Wiki Wars.

It turns out that geeky Palestinian and Israeli wiki editors were able to come to build shared narratives of emotionally charged historical events and were able to come to agreement for the sake of a simple wiki entry. Both Israeli's and Palestinians were able to WIN those discussions.

Win Win renders the old world Machiavellian win lose strategies harmless and ineffective. There is nothing stronger than win/win. All sides contribute strength, all sides receive the collective strength in return.

In the game of life, the female always wants the best idea, and the male fights to give it to her.

Win. World. Peace. Globe.Win.

(Multiply this idea)

Oct 17, 2008

Say it ain't so, Joe. An example of a deceptive society and it's repercussions.

How much does deception rule and mis-organize society? And by deception, I mean all forms of lying, from the little white lies that we tell to avoid the hurt feelings of a boy/girlfriend to the misconceptions we present on job applications, to just huge deceptive and manipulative whoppers such as the story of Stephan Glass, former reporter for the New Republic that was fired for fabricating stories. Who can forget the lies told leading up to the invasion of Iraq in 2003?

One of my own personal and shocking awakenings that arose from realizing how much BS rules society occurred a few years back. I had my own Stephan Glass in my life 5 or 6 years ago, and it was a very difficult and painful thing to unravel the many layers of deceit and deception that came from someone so close to me. I looked around me at the time in a house of collapsed cards and saw an honest truth - humanity is always lying, and so was I.

Deception in all forms is simply a quite common strategy we use in communication to avoid unpleasantness or curry favor from rivals or superiors. We do it so often, I would wager a year's salary that we are completely unconscious of it the majority of the time.

Consider, however, that we tend to be very very trusting regardless. We actually accept the truth values of polls, politicians, job applicants, and pillow talk and often accept it at face value. What this may actually suggest is alarming, for our entire paradigms and world views may be comprised of information that is bullshit.

Consider the most recent case of Joe the Plumber. Whoppers all. His real name isn't Joe, he isn't a licensed plumber, he isn't an everyman, he is a Republican whose own father in law is the son of Charles Keating. Yet in one interview that he gave with Barack Obama, the entire country immediately accepted his story and implemented it into the heart of it's world view. Joe the Plumber became proof that the economic policies of each candidate were favorable, yet Joe might as well have been an actor playing a part in a movie. His 'truth' values were then recommunicated at the national level to millions when both Barack Obama and John McCain repeated his 'story' during the debate. These two candidates were then also lying by default.

Our individual and collective worldviews, our paradigms, might overwhelmingly be comprised of complete and utter bullshit. Is it a wonder that society cannot properly organize itself effeciently? How can we understand what the hell is going on when all of us, at a very small level, are constantly telling ourselves and others that false information, or mysterious information, is actually true?

I predict that this may go pretty far down the rabbit hole, much further than we are aware of and if we saw the actuality of it, it would shock us. Consider that each of us is a point of view, and society is a collection of points of view that contains a few over-arching paradigms that is simply the collection of the most agreeable 'truths' being communicated amongst each point. If each point is sharing a certain degree of false information believed to be true, then logic tells us that the paradigm itself will reflect this.

Humanity may be living in a bubble comprised of our own delusion, and we seem shocked that reality isn't turning out how we had hoped. Consider, in 2004- 2006, as the non evidence of WMD in Iraq became painfully clear, and as the current collapse of Wall Street becomes evident, everyone is shocked that as a whole, nobody was predicting that such things would occur or happen.

Gee, I wonder why?

Oct 16, 2008

Journ the Human Union

Worldwide Human Union;
seeking for off-sets and accounting
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Human Union supports all that is moonful,
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Journ the Human Union, developed by kQQl
kids worldwide and supported by Nay-cha

*Read below in small print:

*[if ur interested in joining the Human Union,
you've come to the right place]

©Rome Viharo 2008