Jan 15, 2009

the highintelligence.com servers are temporarily down and being moved

my old hosting company does not seem to be able to take responsibility for malware and hackers too well, so they are being moved. They should be back up within a week or two I hope.

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Dropsite said...

Never Give Up.

the extract I wanted to send you:

'Worth fighting for'
There was outrage from pressure groups when the Dalai Lama came to Washington last year and the president decided not to meet him in advance of his first official trip to Beijing.
That was a clear nod to Chinese sensibilities but was inevitably condemned by those who felt human rights had been dropped down the US agenda.

Neither I nor any of my 13 previous incarnations have ever met a president
Dalai Lama, 1991
After his day of meetings, I asked the Dalai Lama if he did not get frustrated having to play out this diplomatic ritual year after year with apparently so little effect.
"No!" he said, forcefully. "It doesn't matter how quickly something is achieved."